How to Format Windows XP with CD?

Format computer means deleting all the data and different applications of your computer drive by using an operating system for setting a new operating system.

Remember one thing, with a lack of knowledge of format don’t perform this operation frequently. Because formatting computer is very harm full for computer’s motherboard and Hard disk. So, at first everyone should gathered essential knowledge about computer formatting. Most of the people are don’t know how to decide it is the last option to format their computer or not. You have to notice some symptoms to your computer that can defiantly help you to decide that what you will do format this computer or not. If you notice that your computer’s files continuously attacked by virus and your computer getting slow day by day, that time is the perfect time to format your computer. But somebody format their computer to install a new operating system.

Whatever your reason is, you have to follow the steps one by one to full fill this computer formatting operation. The formatting steps are given below-

1. Back Up

You should remember one thing that when you formatting your computer, that you your system file and documents also permanently delete from your hard disk. So, if you have some data which is important to you, it is the right time to back up in different hard drive.

2. Insert Formatting or Operating System Disk

Insert the operating system disk into the CD/DVD drive.

3. To Boot from CD/DVD set up BIOS

To perform this operation you have to restart your computer then entered to the set up screen. To enter to set up screen you have to press continuously press the common key which are F2 or Del. Any one of them will use for your computer. After entering go to BIOS menu then select CD/DVD as a first boot device. Then press F10 to save and exit. Then you can see your computer restart again.

How to Format Computer with CD and Install XP


4. Setup

If your BIOS set up is perfect then you can see a notification on your computer screen which is “Press any key to boot from CD”. Then you have to press any key from keyboard.


5. Load Window’s file

After that windows file will load to your computer it will take few minutes then click enter to star formatting.


6. License Agreement

Then you will see windows license agreement. Just don’t worry press F8 key to forward this formatting operation.


7. Delete and Create Windows Partition

After agree the license you will see all of the partitions of your computer. Select the partition or drive using your keyboard up-down arrow and then press D to delete this partition. But remember one thing after using the “Delete” option you will lose everything to the drive which was saved. After delete your all partition or which partition you want to delete, you can see unpartitioned space. Then after pressing C bottom to create drive or partition and you have to input specified size of partition whatever you want. Then select primary partition and press “enter” to install windows programming file.


8. Select File System

Here you can see 4 options. Always choose “Format the Partitions Using the NTFS File system” and click “enter” bottom but don’t choose Quick format because if you choose this option then some unexpected errors files can stay in your computer.

widows xp format with cd


9. Windows File Copy

After click on NTFS file system, it will coping automatically set up files from CD/DVD.


10. Installation

Then file install Windows XP to your computer automatically. Then appear a new wind which show you how it is working.

widows xp format with cd

After some time we will a box where you have to select you current time, location, regional language and then you have to enter Product Key of the CD/DVD. Then click Next bottom.

widows xp format with cd

Between installation you computer take some restart your computer but don’t worry it is necessary step to complete your computer formatting operation. After finishing the installation a window symbol will appear on your computer screen.

Then you will see Windows Firewall dialogue box and you have to choose “ON (Recommended)”, then press OK. This setting will protect you from outside source of the computer.

After all this steps if you can see the desktop of the computer, then you nicely finished you formatting your computer formatting operation. Now you can use it as you wish.


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