Hi, my nickname is peaches because its clever based upon my name (not really i actually dont get it at all) , but Ill leave it up to you to figure my real name out but Ill always put a diferent name at the end of this because Im just confusing. People call me X because... well Im not really sure. No Im not here to tell you about some sob story about my horrible life because its personal. Im just here because my shrink suggested I take out my anger issues in typing. I hate her because shes mean but hey, I enjoy writing without pencils anyways but I couldnt find a pen so I ended up here. I just got in my room on this laptop here to type this entry thing. You know what i dont understand though? Im still awkward even though Im not talking, Im just typing. But Im oh so awkward and quirky I seem to still be scared to even just type to people. I cant even talk to new people I just blush and quickly walkaround the corner to have a quick breather and then go back, but it repeats like that until Ive had so many little heart attacks we just start talking because there is no possible way for me to be any more shy around that one person. My sister is pretty, kind, non-clumsy, popular, good at sports, smart, and just insanely easy to be around. I on the other hand got the utterly amazing genes of awkwardness, nerdy, shy, quiet, unpopular, really clumsy, and all together stupid. I love it though because I got the badass gene and shes the good little angel. Though its not a treat being awkward its kind of nice not being talked to because i quite like the inner mind conversations.


                                                              Its what you do to me,